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(הרב רפאל בר רפאל בר ברוך שלמוה )

Dr. Raphael Pazo, Jr., is the Musical Director of  "www.californiabagpiper.com - Music of Elegance and Distinction", a remarkable and select group of top-grade musicians, famous for their vast repertoire of music for the Great Highland Scottish Bagpipes and Irish War Pipes, and their impecable presentation, ranging from informal, business attire, formal, High Dress (most formal), Historic, Regimental (Military), Law Enforcement, and Classic Authentic Highland Fashion. 


Dr. Pazo has been a featured guest artist with various cruise lines as a featured bagpiper, violinist and wedding officiant.


 The ensemble is always prepared for performing, enhancing your special event with the Majestic Sound of the Scottish Highland Bagpipes.


Dr. Pazo was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., into a family of talented musicians.  From an early age, his parents encouraged a strong sense of self-discipline, not only in his academic studies, but also in his musical studies.


For early childhood, his daily musical training included training in musical theory, solfegé (Sol-fa), music dictation, ear training, singing (voice) chamber music, rhythm, transposition, and choir for two full years, before being allowed to take up the violin and viola as his instruments of choice.   In Puerto Rico he attended the Instituto Musical Juan Morel Campos and the Escuela Libre de Música un Ponce and Hato Rey.  Raphael was selected by audition to participaré un the Young Musicians Summer Camps held at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.


Raphael excelled in many of his musical endeavors, winning numerous solo and chamber music competitions that allowed him to travel around the world before the age of 12.  At age 14, he became one of the youngest musicians to play with the prestigious Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Opera Orchestra and  San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.  As the winner of several young musicians competitions, Raphael was also a a guest performer with other orchestras and symphonic ensembles.


Dr. Pazo has sung with several professional choral assembles in a multitude of languages and is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Ladino, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Portuguese, Greek, Latin, Urdu, Farsi and Pashto, as well as several dialects such as Quechua, Nahual, Guaraní and others.   


When he was 13, he studied violin and viola at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music), under the tutelage of the world-famous Fiqueroa Brothers of Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.  At age 15, his family moved to San Francisco, California, and there he studied Viola with Russian-born Violist, Mr. Leonid Gessin at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under an annonymous scholarship.  His benefactor later revealed herself: Mrs. Louise M. Davies (after whom they named the San Francisco Symphony Hall).  He continued his Classical Music studies, and earned a Baccalaureate Degree on Music form the prestigious Reál Conservatorio de Música de Madrid in Spain (Royal Consertvatory of Music in Madrid).


Having an eagerness to always learn more, he participated in Masters’ Classes of Classical Music interpretation conducting and performance with Lord Yehudi Mehunin (Of Blessed Memory), Sir Isaac Stern (of Blessed Memory), Yitzhak Perlmann, Yoyo Ma, Jiah Ha Ling, Kurt Mazur, Claudio Abado, Justino Diaz (Of Blessed Memory), Zubin Metha, Edo De Vart, Michael Tilson Thomas, Plácido Domingo, Neville Mariner and several other world-famous musicans and orchestral directors. 


After additional formal education, Raphael selected the Scottish Highland Bagpipes, and received instruction with some of the world’s most famous and prestigious teachers of Bagpiping in the World from the world'renonwed College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland during their Summer California Bagpiping School.  His formal Bagpiping education included instruction in the rudiments of light music and Piobaireachd, the classical music of Bagpiping, he also study the art of reed manufacturing and manipulating the instrument under numerous conditions. 


He studied with Pipe Major Harry Sinclair MacNulty, Dugald MacNeill, Jimmy Good, Pipe Major Bruce Hitchings (all of Scotland), Pipe Major Bill Livingstone (of London, Ontario, Canada), and Aaron Shaw and Ian Whitelaw both of California.






- Associate’s Degree in Science in Mortuary Science and holds credentials and license as a Funeral Director, Embalmer, Cemetery Manager and Broker


- Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice, with credentials as a Police Officer (Police Academy) and Deputy Coroner.  Member of Lodi Police Department and Stockton Police Department Honor Guards.


- Baccalaureate of Science Degree in Molecular Biology (Genetic Engineering) and Baccalaureate of Science Degree in Businees Administration,  Business Management. Double-major student, recipient of the U.S. Army Active Duty Scholarship.  


- Baccalareaute of Arts Degree  in Music with emphasis in music performance, theory, solfege, composition, symphony orchestral conducting, music arranging, orchestral and choral conducting and direction, ethno-musicology and music instruction.


- Masters' of Arts Degree  In Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Business Management.


- Masters' in Arts and Science Degree  in Languistics with concentration in Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic and Romance Languages and Proto-Indo European Languages.  U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Bureau of Investigations Qualified Linguist, translator and interpreter specialized in medico-legal, defense and diplomatic communications.


- Doctorate of Philosophy in International Trade and Commerce, with emphasis in Diplomatic International Negotiations and International Commerce.


- Doctorate in Philosophy in Comparative Religion, with emphasis in history and origin of Western and Eastern religions.  


Ordained Rabbi (Sephardic-Chassidic) -  June 2005


Interests:  Classical music, Freemasonry, comparative religion and theology, kaballah, chassidus, ancient, modern and military history, linguistic sciences, non-western ethno-musicology, motorcycle riding, equestrian polo, fencing, martial arts, precision skydiving and relative canopy work, sailing, classic literature, classic cinema, philosophy, physchology and barbershop singing quartet.  Please visit us at www.allinachord.com.





Musical instruments: (I play over 50 musical instuments) Great Highland Bagpipes, Irish War Pipes, Cornish Pipes, Welch Pipes, Northumbrian Pipes, Parlour Pipes, Sweddish Sak-pipa, Spanish Gaitas - Gallegas, Aragonezas and Asturianas, Viola, Violin, Violocello, Bass (French and German Bowing), Classical Guitar, Cuatro, Triple, Lute, Egyptian Oud, Mandolin, Ukelele, Clarinet, Hurdy-Gurdy, Flute, Recorders or "Flauti Dolci" (medieval flutes), all types, from Sopranino to Bass), Irish Tin Whistles, Ocarinas, Harmonicas, Australian Aborigene Didgeridoos, Israeli Shofar (Ram's Horm), Andean Ingigenous Wooden Flutes, Pan Flutes and Zampogna. Also sing Baritone in various languages.


Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Latin, Urdu, Pashto, Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew.


Military: U.S. Army Veteran. Medical Corps. Airborne, Ranger, Path Finder, Air Assault, Special Operations, etc.  Recepient of Combat Medical Badge and several other decorations from the United States Army, and other allied armed forces. Life Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled Amedican Veterans, AmVets, Combat Veterans Association. Also an avid supporter of project Wounded Warriors.


Dr. Pazo plays a set of Classic Henderson Pipes Serial #2, made of African Blackwood, Heavy Silver hallmarked in the U.K. , and Mastodon Ivory.  (See photos under "My Instruments")



Dr. Raphael Pazo can be reached directly by phone at: Cellular: (209) 345-8072
Residence: (209) 369-0963

Dr. Raphael Pazo's E-mail: raphaelpazo@msn.com

Dr. Raphael Pazo performing at a Military Funeral
"Amazing Grace", Lament for the Fallen Heroes", "Flowers of the Forest" and original Piobaireachd

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Paying Final Tributes during a Military Funeral

Dr. Raphael Pazo
In Full Regimental Regalia

Dr. Raphael Pazo and Richard Charette
Performing at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on Armistice Day

Dr. Raphael Pazo -Lodi Police Department, Lodi, CA
Member of Honor Guard and Color Guard

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Red Stewart Tartand - Argyl Coatee

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Performing on a set of vintage Henderson Pipes

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Side view with rank and insignia

Dr. Pazo - California Peace Officer's Memorial
Dr. Pazo and Governor Arnold Schwazenegger

"Isle of Ske Piper" by Jean Justeau
Oil on canvas portrait of Dr. Raphael Pazo in Scotland

Dr. Raphael Pazo and his son, Daniel Pazo
Performance on Veterans' Day

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Lathrop Veteran's Memorial, Lathrop, CA

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Silhouetted against the Central California Sunset

Rabbi Dr. Raphael Pazo
Officiating at a Military Funeral in Hebrew Language

Dr. Raphael Pazo
Performing at a Presentation at the Lodi Rotary Club

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Music of Elegance and Distinction

by Dr. Raphael Pazo, Highland Bagpiper 


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