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CPOA 84th Annual Training
Conference in South Lake Tahoe!!

From the opening ceremonies to the closing presentations, this year’s conference was indicative of a tremendous amount of planning and attention to detail by the Conference Committee and the CPOA staff. Region IV personnel, headed by Lt. Chet Somera of the Lodi Police Department, really took the lead in planning and ensuring the successes of this year’s conference. The major sponsors of this conference also came through in a big fashion by providing our members with plenty of mementos of the 2004 conference. Beautiful black leather-style portfolios embossed with the CPOA logo and a Bank of Lodi logo were the main gifts for attendees. The Bank of Lodi also included a useful Swiss army type-folding knife in each portfolio. Wine from Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley vintners was presented to each attendee. Goodie bags were resplendent with the usual stuffing of goodies including Granola Bars and snacks provided by General Mills in Lodi.

The Color Guard, comprissed of Lodi Police Department Officers and El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs, posted the Colors at the Commencement Ceremony, accompanied by Bagpipe music, masterfully performed by Dr. Raphael Pazo, Jr., a Police Officer with Lodi Police Department, and a member of that department's Honor Guard and Color Guard. 

CHP Officer Jim Harris sang the national anthem.

Jack Enter speaks with Mike Laughrin during a break.

CHP’s Jim Harris gave us an acappella redition of the national anthem in his usual breathtaking tones. Jim is a much-featured singer of the anthem at numerous events around the state. The conference got off to a great start with a presentation by Dr. Jack Enter of Georgia. Jack’s opening theme, “Why Police Managers Fail” was an eye opener that had the crowds attention from the get go. Jack followed up on his theme by presenting a second session on the next day which focused on “How Police Managers Can Make a Positive Difference. It appeared to be a clear consensus that Jack Enter was an outstanding presenter whose presentation was marked with excellent examples and humor that was definitely appreciated by our audience. An often-heard comment regarding Jack Enter was, “can we get him to come back.” Several department representatives were seen collecting Jack’s business cards for contact for future speaking engagements. Lt. John Kane Sacramento PD (ret) gave us some excellent insight into Incident Management with his presentation. John is a renowned instructor in this area and a member of the instruction staff at the FEMA academy in Maryland. John has never been a disappointment in presenting his material on incident management.

Region I put together a review of the firestorm that swept through several southern California communities last year. The positives and negatives of just such an occurrence were presented in a meaningful fashion. Several of the participants in the firestorm situations answered questions and offered suggestions on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of an incident involving several agencies. This presentation received high ratings from the training participants. Dr. Larry Blum, noted psychologist, closed our training with an excellent session on health and wellness in law enforcement. Dr. Blum keyed on the stress factors in law enforcement and offered remedies and preventative techniques to reduce the incidences of stress in our professional lives. Always a hit with public safety personnel, Dr. Blum did not disappoint anyone with his right on the mark comments about stress reducers and life-style in law enforcement. On a social note, the highlight of the week’s evenings’ offerings was the lake cruise and dinner aboard the “Tahoe Queen” a paddle wheeler specializing in evening dinner cruises on the lake. Our guests on the Tahoe Queen enjoyed the remarkably still waters of the lake and the early evening sailing time as we toured the south end of Lake Tahoe. Venturing into Emerald Bay our “sailors” were treated to the beautiful high Sierra scenery and the crystal clear waters of Emerald Bay as we dinned on entrees of salmon and prime rib.
Patrick and Glo Smith aboard the Tahoe Queen.

Medal of Valor presented to Marcus Young, by Bill Lockyer and Spike Helmick.

Liquid libations of every type and the live band entertainment only added more to already relaxing and enjoyable events of the evening. The Tahoe area is strikingly stunning at this time of year with the snow-capped Sierras looming high overhead, reflecting their natural beauty on the waters of Lake Tahoe. A sinking sun reflected the grandeur of multi-hues of red and gold off the low clouds adding even more enjoyment to wonders of the lake, touted as the gem of the Sierras. A perfect ending to a delightful week in the surroundings of another of mother natures marvels, Lake Tahoe. We can’t take Lake Tahoe to Indian Wells, but we can offer the same high caliber training and conference environment for next year. We hope to see you in Indian Wells at the beautiful Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in 2005.


92 golfers teed it up at the beautiful Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada on Monday May 24th. Weather was not a factor in this beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Teams competed in a 4 person team scramble format and the scores were very competitive. Bob Osborne LASD carried his team of John Standish- State Insurance, Dale Banda-State Insurance, and Rob Thompkins-Data 911. They edged out Past President Chuck Brobeck, and his ringers, Bob Riddell (Santa Rosa PD ret.) Troy Parrish-Nextel and Dennis McSweeney-Nextel who carded a 10 under par 62. The only “honest score” was posted by 3rd place winners, Ted Jackson-Embassy Suites, Stefan Gruvberger- Embassy Suites, Todd Neutzman-PGA, and Rich Gregson-CPOA. The winners were awarded symbolic tokens of the gaming industry in nearby Nevada. They had to hike far into Nevada to redeem their prizes.

Our Legal Services Program providers, Mastagni, Holstedt and Amick hosted a great welcoming reception at the Embassy Suites following the golf. The only complaints regarding golf came from the foursome following the Lodi contingent of Badel, Somera, Grenko and Monroe. They grew tired of watching Chet Somera bang the ball 3-5 yards off the tee and taking divots the size of RV pads. So much for golf, but remember… try to hit it where the mower goes.

Awards Luncheon

The Awards Committee has really made some significant changes to the Program and the Awards Luncheon. This year’s luncheon was highlighted by an appearance and speech by Attorney General Bill Lockyear. The Attorney General spoke, prior to making the awards presentations, about the rewards and risks of a career in law enforcement. This year’s recipients were presented with beautiful medals and ribbons commemorating the heroic and distinctive acts. The medals were a design collaboration between the Awards Committee and Brady Pilster of Symbol Arts. The medals are truly a fitting and lasting tribute to all of the awards winners. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of Brady and Symbol Arts in making the medals for CPOA.

Officer Doug McGeachy of the Santa Ana Police Department, for his intrepid act during a traffic stop on February 8, 2003. Officer McGeachy was wounded during the traffic stop, but continued taking action until the suspect was handcuffed. Deputy Bill Conoway of the Riverside County Sheriff ’s Department for his heroic act in responding to a traffic collision on August 31,2003.

President Spike Helmick and Attorney General Lockyear received each awardee on stage as the audience listened to readings of the citations and certificates. Tami Somera added a very special flavor to the program with her musical solos. In all, twenty awards were presented in six different categories. The Award of Valor was presented for an outstanding act of daring or bravery. This award was presented to: Sergeant Marcus Young of the Ukiah Police Department, for his courageous act at a local Wal-Mart store on March 7, 2003. What began as a shop lifting call at the local Wal-Mart store, ended with Sergeant Young being shot five times, yet still being able to subdue the subject. Officer Michael Fender of the Irvine Police Department, for his daring act at a local Albertson’s Market on June 29, 2003. Officer Fender responded to a call of a suspect shooting people in a grocery store. With an “active shooter” situation in mind, Officer Fender entered the store, freed trapped patrons and engaged the suspect. Officer Brennan Leininger of the Anaheim Police Department, for his brave off duty action on March 23,2003. Officer Leininger witnessed a carjacking and followed the suspect. Even though physically assaulted by the suspect, he managed to subdue the subject until assistance arrived.
The collision included a vehicle striking a high voltage power pole and leaving power lines strewn across the street. The vehicle caught fire as a result of the impact from the collision. Deputy Conoway rescued a trapped victim from the vehicle.

The Award of Distinction was presented for an outstanding act or accomplishment for an ongoing operational activity that performs a great service to the community. This award was presented to:

  • Sergeant John Allen of the Arroyo Grande Police Department, for his development of the San LuisObispo Law Enforcement Assistance Fund. SLOLEAF provides financial assistance for lawenforcement personnel in times of crisis.
  • Agent Ron Lee of the Monterey Park Police Department, for his accomplishment of helping a community slow the growth ofAsian gangs. Agent Lee has worked extensively to eliminate the notorious and dangerous Black Dragon gang from the community.

Award of Professional Achievement presented to Billy Quach, by Bill Lockyer and Spike Helmick.

The Award of Ethical Courage recognizes an action that demonstrated the personal courage to “do the right thing,” despite adversity and/or popular opinion to the contrary. This award was presented to:

Award of Distinction presented to Street Gang Teams 3 and 4 of the San Diego Police Department.
  • Investigator Sue Webber-Brow of the Butte County District Attorney’s Office. InvestigatorWebber-Brown is responsible for the development of the successful Drug Endangered Children Program. DEC was the first program of its kind in the state of California.
  • Sharon Roloff of the Folsom Police Department. She exemplifies the role of community advocate. She transformed an almost non-existent neighborhood watch program into a vibrant citywide program with over 90 different neighborhood watch programs.
  • Officer Jack Polen of the California Highway Patrol, Northern Division. Officer Polen has continually surpassed normal job duties and expectations. He is involved in the department’s mentoring program as well as many others.
  • Officer Steven Mackey of the California Highway Patrol, for his community service involvement. Officer Mackey volunteers at the Riverside National Cemetery, veteran events, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  • Deputy Paul Morrison of the San Bernardino County Sheriff ’s Department, for his public relations efforts and community campaign to improve the department’s image.
  • Street Gangs Teams 3 and 4 of the San Diego Police Department for their commitment to citizens to curtail gang activity and reduce crime.

Team 3: Detective Bryan
Pendleton, Detective John Davis,
Detective D’Ann Carter,
Detective Hector Hoyte,
Detective Andrew Spear,
Detective Jeffrey Johnson, and
Detective Eric Stafford.

Team 4: Detective Felix Aguirre,
Detective Michael Galivan,
Detective Michael Brogdon, and
Detective Christopher Kilby.

  • Officer Shon Smith of the Bell Grande Police Department, for his integrity, moral courage and loyalty exemplified in the Ethical Courage Award by taking the necessary steps to end a pattern of illegal activity by another officer.
The Professional Achievement Award recognizes members of law enforcement who truly devote themselves to the principals of professionalism as demonstrated by their commitment to personal growth and professional achievement. This award was presented to:
  • Captain Katie Roberts of the Ontario Police Department
  • Sergeant Albert Olson of the Redding Police Department
  • Lieutenant Billy Quach of the Long Beach Police Department

The Sherman Block Memorial Law Enforcement Professional of the Year Award is designed to recognize California law enforcement professionals who, like Sherman Block, have distinguished themselves through dedicated service to their departments, their community and to the law enforcement field. The most prestigious award for law enforcement professional was presented to:

  • Chief Rick TerBorch of the Arroyo Grande Police Department

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Music of Elegance and Distinction

by Dr. Raphael Pazo, Highland Bagpiper 


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