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Erik Leiken - Highland Bagpiper and Composer

Erik Leiken, a native of Berkeley, California (and virtually lifelong resident of Davis, California, U.S.A.), is a champion professional piper, winner of many medals and award in the both Light Music and Piobaireachd (the classicl music of Bagpipes).

He loves to frequent music shops, and for terrorizing the town with the sound of the bagpipes. He still can be heard most nights practicing the bagpipes in his North Davis home, and often at the Yolo County Bypass and wherever large groups of people don't congregate.

 Born on March 7th, 1986 in Berkeley, Erik lived the first weeks of his life in nearby Lafayette. His family relocated to Davis in May of 1986, and have remained there ever since. Erik spent five months in 2006 living in El Cajon, CA, but returned in Late December of that year. He continues to reside in Davis.

Erik attended the following schools:

- Davis Community Church Nursery School (1989-1991)

- West Davis Elementary, now Chavez (1991-1995)

- West Davis Intermediate, now Willett (1995-1998)

- Emerson Jr. High (1998-2001)

- Davis Senior High School (2001-2004)

- Sacramento City College, Davis Campus (2004-2006)

- Woodland Community College (2007)

Performing at a highland dance competition at a highland games in Salinas, in the Dunvegan Pipe Band uniform. 2003.  He tutor is San Francisco Bagpiper, Mr. Ossie Reid.

Erik has been playing the bagpipes since 1994, and aside from playing at various events throughout Davis and the Western US, he has achieved a level of success in solo and band competitions. He currently competes in Professional Grade as a soloist, and plays with the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial Pipe Band based east of Los Angeles, California. Erik also plays with his instructor's band, the Dunvegan Pipe Band from Redwood City, CA, and teaches the Alameda County Sheriff's Pipe Band hailing from Dublin, CA.

He is available to play for weddings, funerals, and any sort of occasion that may be enhanced by bagpipe music. Erik also is available for bagpipe instruction.

Dunvegan Pipe Band http://www.highlandnet.com/info/band/b027.html

Alameda Co. Sheriff's Pipe Band http://www.acspb.com/

Kevin R. Blandford Memorial Pipe Band http://www.blandfordbands.org

The Byzantines band practice, 2003.

Aside from bagpipes, Erik also plays the bass, guitar, trumpet, tin whistle, didgeridoo, ukulele, viola, and he just started playing the Galician "Gaita," a bagpipe from Northwestern Spain. Erik also composes music, primarily for the bagpipes, and has composed well over 500 pipe tunes, including marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes, slow airs, and piobaireachd. One of his tunes, a 6/8 march called "The Last Dram for Mal Malloy," is becoming better known in California's piping community.

His non-musical hobbies are writing, driving all over the place, playing with his pets, bowling, art, loitering, taking day trips, camping, hiking, and sleeping, among other things.

9th birthday bash at the M.U.G.A. 1995

Erik Leiken can be reached directly by phone at: Cellular: (530) 574-2131

Erik's E-mail: erikleiken@californiabagpiper.com

Note from Dr. Raphael Pazo, Musical Director:
Erik Leiken is an EXCEPTIONAL musician who is a bit "shy", but when it come time to play he shines with the luster of the most brilliant of jewels.
He is a professional-grade musician, well-liked by his friends, respected by his fellow competitors and has a keen ability to make friends everywhere.

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Erik Leiken at Pleasanton Hihland Games
Having a "zen" moment during a Piobaireachd competition. Photo by Roxanne German.

Erick Leiken
During competition at the Pipe Major Angus MacDonald Memorial in Riverside, CA.


Erik Leiken
Being judged during competition by Aaron Shaw or the "wicked Tinkers", San Diego, CA

Erink Leiken
Performing "Flowers of the Forest" during a Military Service in Sacramento, CA.

Erik Leiken
Playing on his 18th birthday, at Point Reyes, CA

Erik Leiken
During one of his many stellar performances and competitions.

Erik Leiken at Lisa Marie's Memorial.
The first time that he has been asked to wear a tye-dye t-shirt to such a service. Fairfax, CA.

Erik Lieken
Performing with drummer Jack Dumbar (not pictured).

Music of Elegance and Distinction

by Dr. Raphael Pazo, Highland Bagpiper 


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