Raphael Pazo, Jr., Ph.D.

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Raphael Pazo, Jr., Ph.D., Pipe Major, Musical Director

Education: Bachelor's of Science in Biology; Bachelor's of Arts in Music; M.B.A in Management; Master's in Arts in Language Arts; Doctorate of Philosphy in International Relations.  Master classes with some of the world's most respected classical music performers. 
Interests:  Classical music, comparative religion and theology, ancient history, language arts, non-western musicology, and philosophy
Military: U.S. Army; also served with United Nations Peace Keeping Forces in the Middle East.
Musical instruments: Great Highland Bagpipes, Northumbiran pipes, Parlour Pipes, Gaitas (Spanish Bagpipes), Viola, Violin, Bass, Classical Guitar, Cuatro, Lute, Mandolin, Flute, Recorders (medieval flutes), Irish Whistles, Ocarinas.  Vocalist (Baritone).
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew

Dr. & Mrs. Raphael Pazo

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